PTS ZEV Omen Slide Kit – G17
  • PTS ZEV Omen Slide Kit – G17

    SKU: ZV026490807

    The lines on the ZEV Omen slide create an aggressive elegance that is simple yet effective.  The serrations are placed along the side and top at just the right spots to provide a solid grip while manipulating the slide. Forward windows reduce reciprocating weight, which in turn, reduces fatigue and allows for faster shot follow-up placement.


    PTS Zev slides are precision machined from 6000 series aluminum and designed for the KUBLAI P1 or TM G17 gelblaster based. It may also fit WE and KJ G17s gelblaster based with some slight modification (please consult a professional airsoft technician for installation). 




    • Trijicon RMR/ Leupold DP-PRO optics mount without slide modification. 
    • Omen slide kit includes: -
      • PTS ZEV Omen G17 Slide
      • PTS ZEV G17 steel standard barrel
      • PTS ZEV combat sight (front & rear)
      • PTS ZEV pro magwell
      • PTS ZEV fulcrum adjustable trigger
      • PTS ZEV extended magazine release (Gen-3)
      • PTS ZEV red dot adapter plate
      • PTS ZEV backplate
      • Housing for the TM G17
      • Nozzle return spring guide
      • Reinforced Nozzle Set
      • Piston Head
      • Steel Zero Hammers Set




    • Finish – 
      • Black Anodized Finish (Slide)
      • Titanium Nitride (TiN) (Outer Barrel)
    • Material – 6000 series Aluminum
    • Optics mount – Trijicon RMR/ Leupold DP-PRO
    • Compatibility – KUBLAI P1 series
    • Weight – 600g (with packaging)
    • Dimension – 250x152x50mm


    License: ZEV® logo and related brand names are trademarks of ZEV Technologies, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries and are used for airsoft replicas under exclusive worldwide license by PTS Syndicate.


    This product is for training, and simulation purposes only.  Utilizing our products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury.  MAD DOGS PTY LTD will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.