Durhaim Black Viper Modular Plate Carrier

Durhaim Black Viper Modular Plate Carrier

SKU: DG-BVPC042022

Durhaim Viper Plate Carrier (VPC) range offers a sturdy molle design with extensive modularity. Various Indonesian special force units have adopted VPC because of its durability and compatibility with many other pouches, including placards, on the market that uses a molle system. The operators will be able to configure their loadout according to the mission's requirements. 



  • Cordura 1000 D nylon dope triple coating.
  • Milspec nylon sewing thread.
  • Nylon fastener tape.
  • Milspec shoulder quick release.



  • Modular design triple magazine pouches fit AR-15 & AK style magazines.
  • Cummerbund With Magazine Pouch Inside
  • Milspec Shoulder Quick Release
  • Milspec Nylon Thread
  • 100% Nylon Fastener Tape
  • Set With Water / Utility Bag
  • Set With Abdomen / Utility Pouch
  • Set With Navigation / Utility Pouch