DATA Ticket | Larperator GREEN-DD994
  • DATA Ticket | Larperator GREEN-DD994


    Direct Action Time Attack or DATA is an objective-point simulation. It means that each faction will be able to accumulate points by completing their objectives that will be communicated in the briefing or received through the intel package that they gathered during the operation. DATA will also have a penalty system that will deduct points for players who do not follow the game's rules.


    Please read carefully the Rules of Engagement below;


    • Each team consists of 10 Players.
    • All Players must be over the age of 13 to participate, and at least one player on the team must be over the age of 18.
    • Players can not exchange teams.



    • Domination point timer: each second counts as one point.
    • Each objective completed will have Vertex Points allocated according to the mission brief.



    • Full face mask preferred.
    • or if wearing Glasses/Goggles, there must be no gap between the frame and the face.
    • Enclosed shoes.
    • Ear protection is recommended.
    • Helmet recommended.



    Registration starts at 09:00 am

    Mission & safety briefing begins at 09:30 am

    The game begins at 10:00 am

    The game finishes at 11:30 am



    • Attendance is limited strictly to the competing Teams for that Event.
    • Spectating is strictly limited to competing Teams, Staff, and Officials.
    • Doors open at 09:00 am for entry.
    • All players must check in immediately on entry.
    • All players must be present for the mandatory briefing at 09:30 am.
    • All players must be present at the spawn point at 09:45 am.



    • Vertex Points will be accumulated at the end of the second episode, including any subtraction from penalties.
    • A tally of Points will be kept and released within 48 hours on Vertex Syndicate's social media channels.
    • Players can use Vertex Points to purchase goods or services at



    • Each team is allowed 10 Players.
    • No Substitute Players are permitted.
    • If a player is injured or removed by Penalty, the Event proceeds, and the team plays on the fewer player (s).
    • A Player cannot be a part of more than one team at the Event.



    • The first soundtrack will make the count down when the game starts.
    • The second soundtrack will remark ‘half-time’.
    • The third soundtrack will make the count down when the game finishes.



    • Teams must start from within the Spawn Point.
    • Any player who starts the game prematurely, the team will receive penalty points.
    • Teams can only respawn every five minutes, players will hear the countdown of respawns.
    • The third soundtrack will remark the final respawn.
    • Any player who respawns prematurely, the team will receive penalty points.



    • Only one Primary mag-fed Blaster – per player – is allowed on the field.
    • Only one Secondary (Pistols Only) mag-fed Blaster – per player – is permitted on the field.
    • Only one permitted magazine for Primary.
    • Only three magazines were allowed for Secondary (Pistols only).
    • Primary and secondary speedloaders can not leave the spawn point.
    • Players can not pass on their magazines.
    • All types of water-grown gels available commercially in Australia are acceptable.
    • 350fps limit.
    • Tapped gas, e.g., a line running to a tank (of anything other than air), is prohibited.
    • No tank refills anywhere onsite – including via your own equipment.
    • All air tanks must display Australian certification.
    • No lasers.
    • No drum mags.
    • No hopper-fed blasters.
    • No blind firing.
    • No overshooting, if dead players are not raising their hand or blaster, expect to get shot again.
    • If your Blaster fails or isn't operational, the match will not stop.
    • No "surrenders" or "bang-bangs."
    • No grenades.
    • No melee weapons.
    • No riot shields/shields.



    • Hit = a gel that has exited a blaster and made a direct hit with a Player and/or
    • Any direct bodily contact with a gel is considered a Hit - this includes anything attached to a Player (excluding the Blaster).
    • Blaster Hits do not count.
    • Ricochets/bouncing gels do not classify as a direct Hit.
    • Hits are signaled from Players by raising their hand/Blaster and returning quickly to their Spawn area – penalty points apply to Players not calling their Hit or not returning quickly to the Spawn area.
    • Hit players cannot communicate (by any means) with other Players.
    • If opposing players shoot each other simultaneously (Trade), both Players are out.
    • No "surrenders" or "bang-bangs."
    • No melee kills – see what defines a "Hit" as above.



    • Players need to push the correct button to start the count of their points.
    • A mistakenly pushed button will still count as benefiting the opposing team.
    • A mistakenly/purposely turning off the device will incur penalties for both sides.




    • All players are to assume that live audio and video footage is being recorded at all times.
    • Keep off Channel 24 – this is the Staff Channel.
    • Any player who misbehaves - on and off the field - may be removed from the match, and the team will get penalty points.



    • All penalties are team penalty points that will be deducted from the total accumulated points at the end of the match.
    • Referees will not mention if you are not calling your HITs as they will directly mark their scoreboard for penalty points: 50,000 PP.
    • If players break and/or turned off/pause the capture point device, penalty points: 50,000 PP.
    • If dead players give information to the other living players, penalty points: 50,000 PP
    • If players prematurely respawn or exist in the respawn area before the game starts, penalty points: 50,000 PP.
    • If players shoot hostage(s), penalty points: 20,000 PP for each hostage.
    • If players misbehave, become violent, or are aggressive, they will be banned from the Event, and the team will receive 100,000 PP.
    • If players bring more magazines than what is allowed to the field or during the game: 50,000 PP.
    • If players bring a speed loader(s) to the field or during the game: 50,000 PP.



    • Referees' decisions are final
    • Do not engage with a Referee during a Match – this is deemed as Misconduct
    • Do not engage with a Referee privately after the Event to discuss particulars of the Game/Match/Round/Season.



    • Capture/defend an areal using chess-timer.
    • Gather intelligence to solve the in-game puzzle.
    • Completing the objective that comes from the intel package.
    • Each team can only choose the person who carries the bio-hazard compartment (the "Scientist") at the beginning of the game and the compartment can not be passed to another player.
    • If the Scientist gets hit, he or she needs to leave the virus in the place where he or she got hit.
    • The virus can only be transported by the Scientist.